B.L.T. has been in the business of designing and manufacturing precision molds and equipment since 1979.

We can design and manufacture molds for injection molding of plastics, for example, technical products such as:

  • electrical and electronic connectors
  • details of telephone equipment
  • dispensing caps and closures
  • helical gears
  • threads of various types with automatic unscrewing
  • medical

We are able to meet the needs of Customers regarding molds equipped with:

  • all types of hot chamber
  • Any type of surface (glossy, embossed, photoetched)
  • Any type of molds for plastics and co-molding.

We are able to provide Clients with self-certified finished work and pre-production runs

Our business is carried out in a 1,500-square-meter facility with more than twenty-five employees, three of whom are dedicated to design.


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Our policy

We are able to cooperate in CO-DESIGN with Customers. Perform in-house design of molds and tooling in 3D format. Design and build traditional and co-molding molds. (Plastic/Plastic ; Plastic/Metal). Perform all mechanical machining in-house. Perform mold trials, pre-production and production of small or large batches. CERTIFY all our products.

Working method

Comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards for all work. WORK following point by point the specifications provided by the customer. PROPOSE innovative systems of design, construction and mechanical details. PROPOSE new ferrous and plastic materials to solve any problems.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

B.L.T. s.r.l.

Strada del Francese 87/14, 10156 – Torino – Italy.
In the northern part of Turin, a short distance from its ring road (exit for Borgaro).


07:30–12:30     13:30–16:30
Monday - Friday

Contact us

Phone: 011 470 4445
Email: Commerciale@bltstampi.it